January 2017 Newsletter

Dear Member

I would like to start this newsletter wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2017

It seems a long time to wait until February this year for a meeting, especially as we finished early in 2016, so I decided to brighten the winter months by giving you a chance to get together with a meeting Thursday  January  26TH  7.30pm – 10pm  .


We continue to jog along with a maximum of 30-35 people at our meetings, which is quite surprising considering how many people in Thanet suffer from Type 2 diabetes, possibly the fact that we meet at night does put some older people off not to mention cold dark nights, and perhaps our location being in a park, Never the less  I shall endeavour to do more advertising for this coming  year .


 I continue to be worried  about our health care system ,daily we hear about  the  pressures  on A& E  , although this is to be expected in the winter ,( but not with the normal  winter complaints ,only if there was a bad flu outbreak or the like )  A possibility of waiting up to a month to see a GP , and the latest which I am not sure of any of you are aware  but cut backs are being made with the  podiatry side ,I have learnt of this from an email received just before Christmas  and shall pass  its contents  on to you

Colin Hopper Clinical Specialist of podiatrist has contacted me with the news that “Quote”   that NHS has changed the criteria for Foot care, patients will be discharged from clinics if they are not classed as “High Risk” this includes diabetics with no history of ulceration or other diabetic problems .Routine care will no longer be available to diabetics unless you have a problem . Apparently these changes have been put forward by the Clinical Commissioning Group!!!!  Another word “GP Funding “ 

In view of this Colin Harper and 3 other colleagues who are concerned that diabetics will not be able to access routine nail cutting and care assessments from qualified registered Podiatrists opposed to the many unqualified nail cutting services around in the area are offering a 50% REDUCTION ON THEIR NORMAL FEE OF £30 from January 2017 Contact Thanet 01843 598625 or email www.eastkentpodiatry.co.uk

 Now , I need to make some enquiries as to the authenticity of this email , it sounds legit ,you may be able to find out yourself ,but I will do my best by the next meeting  I have also invited Colin to come along and give a talk at a future meeting  . This I’m afraid stinks of further cuts in the NHS not everyone can afford to pay . We all know prevention is better than cure, Up to date of sending these newsletters out I have not had an answer to my email to Colin


Moving on

Fund/ raising last  year  has been very good ,approx  £500 , exact figures will be available from Peter at our AGM  , in April ,  Also in April  we shall be collecting at Sainsbury’s in Westwood for 2 days  hopefully raising awareness by talking to people and encouraging them to join our group , Come the spring  I shall be off to the car boot sales again collecting soft toys in readiness for our summer fetes  ,  our school fetes are a great success , 

Please continue to donate items to our raffle AND soft toy collection   (especially large or unusual ones, all appreciated), please remember we have to find approx £700 a year to pay for the hire of North down House , and we are totally self supporting  Having a raffle and charging for tea helps us to keep our funds up


Taking control of your Diabetes

Hopefully spring isn’t too far away and we can look forward to some mild sunny weather, winter in particular is a hard time to resist the temptation of food that is not good for us .We are all human and I would love to meet anybody that always says no to that piece of cake ,biscuit or pastry but, in moderation and when we know enough is enough, we get back on track paying more attention to our blood sugars keeping in mind what damage high blood sugars can do to our bodies.( I am actually telling myself that at the moment after over indulging whilst  on holiday and my bloods are still running high ) So 2017 is my year to get weight off and get healthier , anyone want to join me with a sponsored slim?

I shall be round with the sponsor forms, profits to Thanet DUK.


Safety at meetings

Just to make you all aware, Diabetes UK have brought out a couple of regulations concerning group meetings

We the committee have to do safety awareness assessment in the room at Northdown House, before the meeting ie checking for loose carpet, broken chairs exposed wires

We are aware that a few of us have mobility problems If the steps are a problem  getting into to the meeting please inform us as we can open the French doors around the side which also has wheelchair  access.

 Also IF anyone has an accident, trip or fall PLEASE make sure that you get an accident form from us and fill in . This will then have to be sent to DUK It may seem a bit extreme but DUK, Headquarters have to comply with their insurance which we of course come under.


Forthcoming meetings


Thursday 26TH January    Kathy Ellis Lead Nurse , most of you will have met Kathy before  she is undertaking a survey on patients with type 2 diabetes and on Insulin especially those having difficulty controlling their blood sugars will Kathy  will enlighten us on her results so far ,and talk about blood glucose monitoring  .I’m  sure she will be happy to answer questions .


Thursday  23rd February  Dan Howarth  Clinical Nurse Specialist  Head of Care Diabetes uk


Dan who has type 1 diabetes  has worked as a diabetes inpatient nurse in different parts of the country, besides educating healthcare workers on Diabetes I care n places such as India Israel and Australia and he will tell us about his adventures and differences in care that he has encountered in different parts of the world. I am assured that it will be a very entertaining talk.


Thursday 30th March  Easter   Prize Bingo and supper , details to follow



Thursday  27th April  Annual AGM  ,  which we have to hold every year  to elect officers  and give an account of the years events  We usually try to make this into a bit of a an occasion and my thought s are to book “Blend “  to entertain us ,  this will be confirmed at a later date








Thursday    25TH May , Karen Middlemiss  Kent M S Centre    HBOT  Therapy  Oxygen based treatment is very beneficial to all types of pain plus improving blood flow for diabetics with Neuropathy,  I first heard off this at a fibromyalgia talk ,and learnt about its benefits for other conditions . I don’t think it is available on the NHS BUT it is very reasonable at ‘£15 a session, I am trusting to memory here!!! I can give you more information before the actual date as I am still corresponding with her



Thursday  29th June   Hannah Keohane  Dietician                                         

                            To be confirmed



On a final note please note that our first meeting of the year THURSDAY 26TH January at Northdown House Margate 7.15 for 7.30 pm start 

We look forward to seeing you


                                                       Eileen Docherty (chair Thanet DUK Group)